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Tablets are fast becoming viable alternatives to laptops and desktops, thanks to a combination of their portable yet powerful capabilities. You can use tablets to watch movies, browse the web, play games, read books, check the weather, send emails, create music; the list is truly endless. However, when you decide that you want get a tablet, how would you know which one would suit you the best? Tiseno will help you determine the best tablet for you in Malaysia.

At first you need to know what you want from a table - what do plan to do with it ?

  • For game: Nowadays, all tablets come with excellent graphic processors. It help you make a best experience when playing game. These simple game such as Cut The Rope, Plants vs. Zombies, Candy Crush while other games on the table can give you more engaging, PlayStation or X-box experiences like GTA, The Walking Dead - these kind of incredible graphic, then we suggest you the iPad Air. iOS mobile game developer always want to make the quantity game on this platform and that the reason why App Store offers you the best games - whether it's for casual or hardcore gaming.
  • For work: When you need a tablet for workplace, you should have a full sized table. The mini-size just not be good enough. Then consider the Ipad Air, Surface Pro - using Window Phone ( read more : Talk about window Phone, how to compete with iOS and Android ) or a Sony Xperia Z are all working environment - friendly, that come with large screen, fast processors, high resolution. iPad users can use Apple's free iWork suite while Surface take advantage when using Microsoft Office.
  • For kid : It's all about ease to use and controllable from parents. We suggest Amazon's Kindle, it has great parenting controls, while the iPad Mini make for an excellent device for youngters. Also, App Store has many apps that will make a tablet as a toy / entertainment device for your kid.
  • For media : Books, Movies, Music, Games reading the news - choose the iPad mini or Google Nexus 7, 10.

The next consideration is OS type. It's time for you to see technical specification and examine it. People prefer iOS because it works harmoniously. Their weakness is the lack of user customizability when user can't set OS theme, user interface - where user can find the answer from Android. Despite that fact, iOS continues as one of the most popular platform for mobile app developer with plenty of apps designed natively for the iPad. Android is opposite with Apple - with an open system which allows mobile developers to customize the platform. Android has it own store - Google Play but it still doesn't offer the same wide selection of native table apps as the iOS

The Trend. Apple Store has over 500,000 mobile apps designed for the iPad, guarantee iOS users have best experience to the best mobile apps available. Google Play offering wide selection of games, entertainment, along with other helpful mobile apps. While tablet optimized apps on the Android have improved over the years, they still don't offer as many popular table-optimized apps as App Store.

Specification. The Apple's powerful 64 bit A7 chip, Samsung's Octa-core Exynos chip, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 chip and Nvidia Tegra 4 processor - there are many offer for user from Apple and Google's device. Tablet with these chips often work incredibly well with any mobile apps you installed. Both iPad and Android table now carry at least 1GB of RAM - it handing your table performance. The more RAM a table has, the more responsive it will be handled. The storage space of Android and iOS come with a selection of 16/32/64 GB, the external memory just offer for Android's tablet while iPad has an option of 128GB for user. A good tablet should bring in at least 10 hours work. The iPad Air offer an excellent daily battery- it about 10+ hours while ASUS Transformer Book T100 can offer about 12 + worth of battery like.

The last determining is always the price. Apple device costs about 1250 + for a iPad while Android table can vary widely with cheap and useful product.

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