Monetize your mobile app in Malaysia

Advertising is the main component of app monetization, but it's not unique. Let's see how to turn your mobile application into a source of income for a variety of tactics


You have to start with a strategy, without it - you can't achieve anything. Mobile app development and "in-app purchase" should be a part of your overall strategy. Your plans also must be consistent with your clients. What is your main income - segment? Who is your main audience?


That mean you allow user download your mobile app completely free, and user have to purchase for opening items, purchase items, etc… From 2012 - 2013, it brings growth 211%, while paid and paidmium (Pay to download and in-app purchase) falls. Once you have the attention from users, there are many ways you can "force" them to pay, such as "disable advertisement", "in-app purchase" or subscription methods


As we said, advertisement is a popular strategy for making money, with the "tap" proportion into the most cases is 12.5 %. Because mobile developers aren't an expert on advertising, so you need to find a partner who understands both mobile application development and advertising consultant.

Advertising management

You have to select the ads type in order to fit your goals, your budgets. However, do not let advertisement destroy your mobile app - by display frequency, design, or inconsistent with the type of users.

In-app purchases and e-commerce

You can encourage users to purchase in your app. Have you ever play a mobile game? You should know about all the upgrade and use money for minimize the timing. Your apps might not a game, then try to think a little deeply about what you can sell through your mobile app. For example, users need to pay to open more functions, tools, more advanced features…Along with these potential, in-app purchases also give you a better view about what users are interested in, so you can pay more attention about it.

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