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Mobile app industry is growing rapidly turned smartphone become the center of the digital devices. Beside the race of configuration, features, or user's experience, now mobile app developer are focus on developing and tracking heath care with a combination of smart wears

In fact, health care is taking benefit from the smart phone's revolution, smart wears such as smartwatch, or other devices integrated sensors capable of monitoring the health status of the user. The device is worn on the meter works as heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and other signs of the body are ready to signal a warning when there is an abnormal signs, and it's very important what it have the ability to connect and send the information that collected to mobile application running on smartphones to analysis, processing a health chart refer to user, adjust the behavior of living, eating, exercise is beneficial for health.

Information also can be sent immediately to the doctor to have more specific analysis. Apple, Google and Samsung are clear ambition to turn a smartphones into a health care centers. Health Kit integrated into iOS 8. Google also launched Google Fit foundation for the development of health care mobile application for a variety of devices. Samsung has already integrated the S-Health applications for the Galaxy S6, includes heart rate sensor, combined with Smart Watch Galaxy Wear and Galaxy Fit will give more information about user's health.

Health care in mobile app have the ability to collect date related to user, such as blood pressure, heart rate and statistical information about diet and exercise in real time. It does also can recognized the target, the actual exercise results of users based on motion sensors on mobile. Mobile application - healthcare also can measure the sugar in blood - it's very important for who are blood pressures. Healthcare in mobile application can share all information, data obtained from the sensor to the Health Cloud Platform (same as iCloud, OneDrive - Microsoft, Google Drive). It designed to operate as a global repository for health information data.

Healthcare promises to explode when Mobile app creator finding way to track all the user's activities as well as any sign related to user's health. Smart wear more intelligent, integrated many useful features, motivate users to enhance physical exercise to achieve its objectives, as well as ready alert for abnormal signs. However, it also arises concern about the risk of leaking sensitive information about user's health.

There is a fact that the whole world is worried about increasing hacker - attack on purpose. But the trouble is many users are willing to ignore the violation of privacy to get the experience fascinating. Smart wear also bring risk to users - health information may be compromise. However, that's mobile application developer duty that they should make a safe app for user. Otherwise, users may be afraid to buy their product once they are aware of the possible risk to themselves.

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