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Android and iOS dominate the mobile market for many year, but that situation could change completely. From the first quarter, 2010 to first quarter, 2011 Android's global market share has increased 4 times. Since then, the market share of Android has doubled, reaching 79.3% in the 2nd quarter, 2013. iOS has continuously maintained its market share within 3 years. Since June, 2008, iOS holds 10-20% global mobile market share. And since BlackBerry started slipping in the 1st quarter, 2010, many company includes its mobile developers were involved in the battle for the 3rd place, after iOS and Android. For a long time, the 3rd place has been repeatedly changed. However, among these operating system, Window Phone has always proved superior to other competitor such as webOS, Tizen, Saifish, MeeGo and Firefox OS. This doesn't mean that these OS aren't good. But with a long history of Microsoft and Window Phone OS of the 2 major giants have the clear advantage in comparison with the others.

As of the 2nd quarter, 2012 to the 2nd quarter, 2013, Window Phone growth only 3.1 % to 3.7 %. However, during this period, Window Phone also changed in many parts, especially is the term of application support. Many major mobile app developer have begun to recognize Window Phone seriously. In addition, Window Phone hardware is also very impressive and groundbreaking. In many market, Window Phone has a huge price advantage compared with iOS and Android.

In September, 2013, Window Phone is the 2nd largest mobile OS in India with a market share of 5.6%. In Germany, the market share of Window Phone just behind iOS only 1 %. In France, from the 2nd quarter, 2012 to the 2nd quarter, 2013, Window Phone market share has doubled ( from 5.6 % to 10.8 %). In Spain, UK, and Italy, Window Phone is also consider as a pressure to iOS. By this time, the threat from Window Phone for iOS and Android was no longer a crazy story. On the global market, Window Phone has a change to takeover iOS place in the next few years. The rise of Window Phone on major market such as US, EU is also quite slow. However, it's very important to remember that, iOS was nothing before 2008 when compared with Symbian OS.

Therefore, Window Phone still have a chance. It's devices are cheaper compared with iOS, taking into account several aspects: mobile application, entertainment (movie, music) and cloud services. Window Phone performance also smooth and perfect. The creation of Nokia Window Phone turns into an OS that people cravings. Currently, the global market is totally in Google's hand. The rise of an OS like Window Phone will help create a balance market - and stronger competition. For iOS, the rise of Window Phone will cause Apple to an end of the "arrogant" day for the quality of the hardware and "lazy" in the updated software.

Certainly, no one can predict how long Window Phone can takeover Android and iOS place. However, if Microsoft keep its growth in mobile market segment, the battle of Window Phone will definitely success.

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