Mobile Application Marketing Strategy

"Don't trust users to find your works by their own" - If you not sure about the successful way for your app distribution then Tiseno - as a Mobile Apps Creator and Company can provide you a market-driven.

When you decide to build your app, you should clearly define your goals. Are you looking for new Mobile Apps users? Or you want your mobile app enable user to find product & purchase? Put yourself as a user and find the answer, evaluate all the different options to know exactly what they needed. Your goal should be includes the real value to your users.

Make a friendly mobile app is essential. You need a solid mobile app strategy that you / your company can utilize it effectively and at the right time to strengthen your brand. Here is our suggestion for you to make a proper strategy in order to create a great experience for mobile apps user:

  • You need specific information about your target market?
  • Your clients are looking to be entertained?
  • Are they looking for a financial incentive through the reward program or just a program for loyal customer?

Do you have any competitor? If yes, just make competitive analysis. Review media efforts to identify favorite market promoting your app may have less cost, and you can start your PR support. If your app is available in multiple countries, make sure you submitted to all the applicable app stores to ensure widespread distribution.

Identify & Use Customer Touch Point

Ask yourself where you go when you want contact with your app, try to make a list of all places your customer might come and start reaching them by email, websites or billing statements. For example, put your QR Code on bus / train card or at any public transportation. Before spending tons of media dollars, why not start by reaching out those already doing business with you.

Select a suitable marketing strategy
  • Make a mobile friendly's website
  • Promoting your Mobile App via email or SMS
  • QR Code
  • Mobile App Marketing by Navigation, the ads based on location now are prefer by the retailer. It takes advantage of all Mobile's feature to determine the user's current location. You can locate your target consumers and just simply send them a message about your discount, or "today menu"

Launch mobile marketing campaigns using social media

Integrated mobile marketing campaigns using social network to deliver your offer, extend object to those are follow your clients.

Subscribe to your mobile marketing campaigns and make necessary adjustment.
  • Tracking your Opt-in, Opt-out (Users agree received SMS / Advertising email; and send SMS / Advertising email to User when they haven't agree about spam mail)
  • Advertising response rates
  • Downloaded the app from Store
  • Try to make your mobile marketing campaigns provide maximum return on investment. Smart Phone now as a magic wand. Mobile interaction with more people on this planet than any other device. Consumers love using it because of the convenience, features, and it make their lives happier

So let's build your specific market strategy with Tiseno in order to catch the catch the customer's lifestyle.

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